Stand Off Arms, 36 inch


57.38.36 – 36 Inch Weaver Stand-Off Arms. Stainless Steel.

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Weaver Stand-Off Arms and Securing Pads and Brackets

High grade stainless steel bracket arms designed to secure the inflatable boat / tender in its raised position on davits at 90deg. to the main vessel.
Reduces any abrasion caused by securing the tender with rope, provides greater security when underway and removes strain on the davit fittings in keeping the tender at 90deg.

Supplied in pairs as a kit with 2x arms and 4x ‘L’ shaped brackets for mounting. Fixed onto the tender with one arm secured with an ‘L’ shaped bracket to the enge of the transom at its highest point when the tender is raised to 90degon its davits, and the second arm to a special moulded pad which is adhered to the upper part of the tender when raised. For a rigid tender two ‘L’ shape bracket fixings can be used.

Option of 5 different lengths: 12″, 18″, 24″, 30″and 36″

NEW Stand off arm with quick release catch at both ends for easy removal from the transom
Associated rubber pads are available in grey or black -please note pads need to be ordered separately from the arms
Manufactured from high grade stainless steel with neoprene moulded rubber pads.

Please note:
a 2-part Polymarine adhesive will also be required to adhere the rubber pads to the inflatable boat / RIB. This should be 2990 adhesive for Hypalon boats or 3026 for PVC boats
to prime neoprene pads for PVC boats a 70ml tube of 2990 adhesive will be required


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