SP54 Hypalon Antifoul – Blue


53.42.70B – SP54 Hypalon Antifoul, Fully flexible antifoul for use on Hypalon material and non-flexible surfaces such as GRP

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SP54 Anti fouling paint for Hypalon Dinghies and Ribs.
Can also be used on non-flexible surfaces such as GRP. The Hull and tubes can be protected on your RIB with just one product.
Developed using unique pseudo-organic technology. Extensively tested – keeps virtually all hulls free from growth of algae, crustaceans and other unwelcome marine life. Includes copper, linked with our own extremely low friction technology. SP54 offers a unique solution to an age old marine problem.

Available in 1 litre tins
Range of colours to match material, Grey, Blue, White and Orange.

A flexible solvent based antifouling containing ROSIN ACIDS, Xylene (mix) for maximum protection against marine growth in fresh or salt water. For use on HYPALON fabric, and with a suitable primer the product will also cover GRP and Aluminium.

On previously painted surfaces, thoroughly wash, sand or scrape off any loose coating. Ensure a clean dry surface, free of dirt, grease, oil, and marine fouling. Wipe surface clean with P510 Hypalon Solvent Cleaner prior to painting.

Thoroughly mix coating. Apply by brush, roller or spray. Two coats recommended allowing minimum of two hours between coats and overnight to dry completely before launching.

1 Ltr will provide two coats on the average eight to ten foot boat.


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