Sealflex 500ml


A very flexible and high tensile film sealant. Ideal for use with leaky inflatables. Properties; An air curing water based acrylic sealant forming a very flexible and high tensile film, which when fully cured seals off minor leaks and porous fabrics by creating an air barrier on the inside of the inflatable dinghy sponson.


Sealflex 500ml

* A flexible waterbased acrylic latex sealant used internally for sealing porosity and minor leaks in Hypalon and PVC inflatables and many other structure made from these fabrics

* Sealflex is introduced into the inflatable through the valve, which is then inflated and tumbled to circulate the sealant which adheres and cures to form an impermeable membrane

* Also suitable for painting on the inside of seams during manufacture

* Supplied in 500ml plastic bottle

* Sufficient for an 8-9ft inflatable

* New improved formula for this year, flows and seals the tube more efficiently

Application; Having first identified the problem areas, introduce the Sealflex through the inflation valve (using a small funnel if necessary), dividing the material between the chambers. Inflate to as high pressure as possible and roll the inflatable to distribute the liquid, paying particular attention to the problem areas identified. The air pressure will force the sealant into fabric creating an air barrier. Pour out any excess continuing to roll the boat from time to time to recirculate any remaining liquid. Sealflex is air curing so over the next few days partially deflate and reinflate to assist in the curing process.


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