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90.47.41 – Riptide Interior All-Surface Cleaner

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Riptide Interior All-Surface Cleaner. Supplied in 500ml hand held spray

Properties: Ideally suited today’s modern marine interior materials. Cuts through grease and grime effectively using natural power. Non-Toxic, food safe for galley surfaces. Chrome-friendly. Fresh natural fragrance Hygienic, naturally powerful. Safe to use. Contains no solvents or CFC’s. No residue of unnecessary chemicals. Optimum level of biodegradability – far exceeds legal requirements. Minimum impact on aquatic life.

Instructions for use: Riptide Interior All-Surface Cleaner cleans and shines a wide variety marine surfaces. It is particularly suitable for galley and heads surfaces, plastics, GRP, shower rooms, basins acrylic and chrome. Spray lightly over the surface and wipe clean with a clean damp. No need to rinse.

Ingredients: A sophisticated blend of Anionic surfactants and chetaling agents. Conforms to EU Directive on Biodegradability.

Does not require any special labelling information.

Recycle: Packaging bottle made of polyethylene; cap of polypropylene. Polyethylene and polypropylene are 100 % rcyclable.


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