A7 Acetal Valve – Black with Doubler


38.69.15S – A7 Acetal Valve, Black with Doubler. Moulded Acetal inflate/deflate valve with manual over pressure relief. Available with Hypalon or PVC Doubler.

  • Large cap gives excellent grip in cold conditions.
  • Available with recessed mounting.
  • Rugged.
  • Requires no routine maintenance.
  • Clamps into the fabric.
  • Easy inflation due to low back pressure.
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A7 Acetal Valve
* Moulded Acetal inflate/deflate valve with manual over pressure relief.
* Deflation achieved by pressingdown spindle and locking it by turning 90 degrees
* Clamping into hole of 32.5mm dia. the fabric being gripped between the valve body and pressure ring. Reinforcing fabric doubler required to thickness of 2-4mm depending on pressure.
* Stainless steel spring and internal air pressure applied to either side of the diaphragm to ensure effective air seal.
* Used on early Avon, Narwhal etc.
* Available with Hypalon or PVC doubler

Inflation is via a bellows end fitting which is a push-fit into the valve.

To start deflation push down the white central spindle and give it a quarter turn
anti-clockwise to lock the valve open. Turning the spindle clockwise returns the diaphragm to its seat and seals the valve.

The A7 Valve is sometimes used instead of the newer B7 and C7, where completely flush fitting is required. This requires the use of the recessed mounting.

Available in black or grey.


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